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Min Young was full of curiousity and imagination as a kid. There was no doubt that she fell in love with animation and she believed in herself to become an animator. Her journey in animation began with “Only Place(s)” in 2005. This work led her to a position as an assistant animator/set builder/puppet maker for “Cheburashka” (2010), a feature length remake of a classic Russian stopmotion series. This led to her own project, the stopmotion short “I Am Willow” (2009). The short gave her many opportunities in the Korean animation industry but she decided to study abroad to gain wider connections and new experiences. While she studied directing animation at the National Film and Television School in the UK she produced 4 shorts in her first year and one longer graduation short in her second year. Her graduation project “The Gravedigger’s Tale” is the first of her films to be publicly displayed at film festivals. The short was selected by many international film festivals, including 8 Oscar qualifying film festivals, and has won several awards. Following this she has worked with film studios all over the world, in Hong Kong, Portugal, the UK, and South Korea. She continues to challenge herself with various animation techniques to find the perfect storytelling method for each story. She has a strong vision, a wealth of ideas, and a dedication to visual storytelling. Now she is working on her own project “12cm, It’s A Small World”, an animated Youtube series.


2018 _ The Gentleman And The Tree

2016 _12cm, It’s A Small World

2013 _ The Gravedigger’s Tale 2013     

Festival Screenings

Edinburgh International Film Festival - JUN.2013 - UK

Guanajuato International Film Festival  - JUL.2013 - Mexico

Encounters Film Festival - SEP.2013 - UK

Etiuda & Anima - OCT 2013 - Poland

Warsaw International Film Festival - OCT.2013 – Poland

St. Louis International Film Festival – NOV.2013 - USA

Montreal International Film Festival  - SEP.2013 - Canada

Southampton International Film Festival - OCT.2013 -UK

Orlando Film Festival - OCT.2013 -USA

Indie Spirit Film Festival - OCT.2013 - USA

Etidua and Anima Film Festival - NOV.2013 - Poland

Whitelight International Short Film Festival - SEP.2013 – UK

London Lift-Off International Film Festival - NOV.2013 - UK

Animateka - NOV.2014 - Slovenia

Savannah Film Festival - OCT 2014 - USA

La Guarimba Film Festival - AUG 2014 - Italy

Palm Springs International ShortFest & Film Market - JUN 2014 - USA

Norwich Film Festival - MAR 2014 - UK

Cleveland International Film Festival - MAR 2014 - USA

Hong Kong International Film Festival - MAR 2014 - China

Trixi Stuttgart Animation Festival - FEB 2014 - Germany

Santa Barbara Film Festival - JAN 2014 - USA


Southampton International Film Festival 2013

-Best Animation, Best Animated Screenplay, Best Score in an animation, Best Achievement in art,

Best design in an animation

Best Shorts Competition 2014

-Award of excellence

Norwich Film Festival 2014

-Best Animated Film


-Best Sound Award

The Knoxville Film & Music Festival 2014

-Best student film

2011 _ Black Cat

2011 _ Milky Way 

2011 _ Framed

Winvention x Cinehub 초단편영화제 - DEC.2016 - KR 

 -Popular Films

2011 _ At The Beach

2010 _ Monkey’s Butt Is Red

2009 _ I am Willow

2005 _ Only Place(s)

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